Family visa


Family members of a British Citizen or a foreign national permanently settled in the UK are able for permission to be granted leave to remain.



A spouse or civil partner of a British citizen or person who has indefinite leave to remain is able to apply to join that person subject to conditions being met. A marriage visa will be granted for a period of 2.5 years at initial stage and then extend to another 2.5 years. After the 5 years (also known as ‘probation period’), you are then able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain if they meet the requirement.


If you have completed or have nearly completed the 5 years’ leave to remain in the UK as a spouse/partner, you must be able to provide 6 letters and/or documents addressed to you and your partner at the same address as evidence that you have been cohabiting during the past 5 years.



This category only applies to persons living abroad and wishing to come to the UK to be married or have a civil partnership ceremony with their partners. Evidence has to be provided that the couple has previously met and intends to live together permanently after marriage/civil partnership; that the person is a permanent resident of the UK, and there is adequate accommodation and finances without having to recourse to public fundings.


Unmarried Partners

Application can be made if the partner of a person permanently settled in the UK who is cohabiting and able to provide documentary evidence of the existence of relationship that has lasted for at least 2 years and is likely to continue indefinitely. This is subject to prove that any previous relationship with another party has permanently broken down and that there is sufficient accommodation and financial income without public assistance.


Children under 18 years

Children are allowed to join their parents who have permanent residence, adequate accommodation and financial ability to support the child without help from public funds. Evidence must show that the child is fully dependent on the parents and there is ongoing interest and support.


Parents and Grandparents

Parents and grandparents can settle permanently in the UK with their children under certain circumstances. It must be evident that they have no other children in their own country whom they can depend on and a proof of dependency that they receive regular financial support from their support in the UK, as well as a proof of relationship in the form of birth documents.

Other Close Relatives

Other relatives, such as siblings, uncles and aunts of persons settled in the UK may be eligible to apply if they are living in exceptionally poor conditions (below average standards) in their own countries. Proof of relationship and financial support are required to be submitted together with the application.