About Us

About Us

Forward Legal Services was formed on the objective of providing expert immigration advice to clients who wish to reside legally in the UK. We are an OISC (the Immigration Services Commissioner) registered consultancy firm of immigration specialists located in London which has been established for more than 10 years. We specialise in providing professional services to individual clients and have a vast client base which includes students, graduates, business enterpreneurs, investors etc.

Why Choose Us?

The UK immigration services and applications are a complex process. Applications are often refused based on anomaly in the filling of application form, failure of using the correct application form or lacking in appropriate supporting evidence for application. A fresh application may have to be submitted resulting in delays and additional financial costs to the applicant.

Forward Legal Services has a range of expertise within the niche area of UK immigration and has an excellent track record in obtaining visa approvals. We are experienced and conversant with the rules in guiding you through the complexities of visa applications and ensuring compliance with the stringent rules.

We are registered with the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) which regulates and ensures that all registered members of immigration consultants adhere to its code of practice; hence our customers can be rest assured of our expertise and professionalism.